Speak with a divorce attorney in Winter Haven, FL

Speak with a divorce attorney in Winter Haven, FL

Don't Lose Everything in a Divorce

Divorcing your spouse is a highly emotional process. You may have fears surrounding child custody negotiations, property division and alimony. Residents in Winter Haven, FL trust The Law Firm Of Lauren Maldonado to handle their divorce proceedings.

Attorney Maldonado is an experienced divorce attorney. She is prepared to find a fair resolution to your divorce disputes.

Attorney Maldonado will create a strategy that protects your rights before, during and after a divorce. Call 863-412-2736 now to make an appointment with a divorce attorney in Winter Haven, FL.

Make sure your child has the support they need

You don't want your child to suffer due to your divorce, but you may be financially strained without your former spouse's income. Attorney Maldonado can help you get the child support you need. Your child support agreement could be determined by your...

  • Income
  • Deductions
  • Child care expenses
  • Health care expenses
  • Custody arrangement

Whether you're negotiating a child support agreement for the first time or want to revisit your child support, attorney Maldonado can help. She will do everything possible to protect your child's best interests. Contact a child support attorney today to discuss your case.